Nautilus Hyosung Monimax 5300CE

The Monimax 5300CE offers powerful financial transaction support. This high-volume ATM solution has a large cash capacity that gives customers reliable 24/7 access.

TCP/IP with SSL Support

Monimax 5300CE includes built-in TCP/IP with Secure Socket Layers (SSL) for extra security while connected to the internet. This new connectivity feature provides a direct connection without additional boxes, adaptors or converters. The result? A more efficient product that saves both time and money.

Capacity from 1,000 to 8,000 Notes

Customize a dispenser profile based on the volume of transactions at each Monimax 5300CE site. This scalable ATM is an ideal solution for multiple locations with various dispenser needs. Configuration can include up to three optional 2,000-note cassettes for a maximum of 8,000 notes.

Sophisticated Design

Featuring an easy-to-use 15″ LCD display, bright lead-through indicator and an ergonomic design, the Monimax 5300CE is a smart choice for its small size and powerful functions.


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Product Features

System Control

  • Intel XScale processor
  • Microsoft Windows CE platform


  • TCP/IP (SSL configurable)
  • Dial-up, Wireless (optional)

Customer Display

  • 15″ TFT LCD
  • Privacy filter (optional)

Input Type

  • 4 x 2 function keys
  • PCI EPP (Encrypting PIN pad)
  • ADA compliant
  • Touch screen (optional)

Card Handling

  • Dip-type card reader
  • Optional IC card reader, EMV Level 1, 2 compliant

Cash Dispensing

  • 2,000-note cassette
  • Up to three cassettes (6,000 notes)


  • 3.1* graphical thermal receipt printer
  • 3,500 transactions
  • Electronic journal


  • UL291 business hour safe
  • Mechanical combination lock (optional)
  • UL291 Level 1 safe
  • Electronic safe lock
  • KABA Mas Cencon safe lock
  • Security camera


  • Lead-through indicator

Additional information

Power Supply

AC 110 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz

Operating Environment

Temperature: 28 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit
Humidity: 25 – 85 %

Dimensions and Weight

Height: 54.4" (1,381.9 mm)
Width: 18.1" (460 mm)
Depth: 25.4" (644 mm)
Weight: 617 lbs (280 kg)


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