Puloon SiriUs ‘Lux


The Puloon D’Lux ATM is efficient and reliable, providing hassle-free transactions with its responsive and user-friendly interface. This sleek and compact machine is sized to fit virtually anywhere, yet comes packed with features – and is EMV compliant. Built for style and security, The SiriUs is built with superior quality parts tucked into a specially designed cabinet. The focus on detail extends to the software, ensuring that your machine will experience minimal downtime. For an ATM that is secure and reliable, yet compact enough to fit nearly anywhere, the SiriUs by Puloon is ideal.

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Height 49.25″
Depth 18.5″
Width 14″


D’lux is built using superior quality parts with a focus on detail, guarantees maximum up-time. From the metal function pinpads and keys to the specially designed cabinet, the Puloon D’lux is built for reliability.


With D’lux, you can choose from one to 4 1K or 2K cassettes for a total of 8k in cash handling for the highest cash throughput on the market.

No Expiration Date

The EMV and PCI 3.0 standard increases the lifespan of the machine by several years.



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Weight 165 lbs


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